Geo Mobile Marketing


Recently there have been several researches and studies on mobile and on the impact it has had in the lives of consumers, in their way of doing research online and consequently it is possible to identify the actions to be taken in order not to lose opportunities.

To date, there are still very few users who finalize mobile purchases, often due to general system inefficiency. For those who manage online commerce it is time to review their ability to sell from mobile, activating more effective solutions and designed specifically for those who surf from mobile; many use wordtree to manage their advertising, sales and marketing, as well as scouting their competition.

Another decisive aspect of mobile is in geolocated searches, that is, those queries that include a geographical indication. With mobile this type of research has increased significantly, as it has become possible to retrieve information while on the road, away from offices and homes. So much so that 52% of mobile searches are geolocalized. That’s why companies, especially those that have physical stores, must focus entirely on local search to intercept a potentially interested public and ready to buy in a short time.


By using advertising strategies aimed at the geographical area, such as geo-conquesting, an advertising form that directs the consumer towards a certain company, while this is physically located at a competitor, it is possible to acquire new customers. For example, a bar could show its advertising while a potential customer is in the bar 200 meters, direct competitor, offering discounts or special offers.

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